collision of two Galaxies!

what is going on ? Is there a mix of two whirls in any stream?

It is a match but not on the sky in the sky, neither two stars nor two galaxies!

Only one of these galaxies will survive after a billion years from now. By then, both the Spiral galaxies will create NGC 2207 and IC 2163 gradually stretching each other, the material lamps, gas sheets and dust lanes, the stars and the stars to be thrown out. Scientists estimate that the large galaxy NGC 2207 which is showing the left, will absorb the small galaxy IC 2163 in its own right.

This incident began today 400 million years ago, in which a small galaxy is moving around the huge galaxy and it is getting absorbed in it. The collision of stars in the conflagration of these galaxies is not generally because there is a lot of space between the stars in the galaxy.

Two big galaxies are pulling each other. These are said to be chosen because they have long tail. These screwed galaxies have probably gone through each other. Perhaps the future of these two will be confrontational, and these seals will continue to run until these two together form a galaxy. Their prolonged Poonch is formed due to the difference between the relative gravitational force between the two galaxies and the distant parts.

As the distance between the two galaxies is very high, the process of bronchi collision is slow. It has been around for the past millions of years. These galaxies NGC 4676 are 300 million light-years away from us,

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