Apollo 12: One big step!

Apollo 12 was the fifth human program to fly to the Apollo program and the moon.

Space crew

  • Pete Conrad – 3 Space Tourism, Commander
  • Richard Gordon – 2 space travel, main control vehicle pilot
  • Alan Bean – A Space Travel Moonrun pilot

Alternative passenger group

  • David Scott – Gemini 8, Apollo 9 and Apollo 15 flight, Commander
  • Alfred Worden – Apollo 15’s Flight, Control Station Driver
  • James Irwin – Apollo 15 flight, moon vehicle driver

Campaign Key Stats

Separation of moon and main control vehicle: 19 November 1960 morning 4 hours 16 minutes 2 seconds
Moon and reunion of main control vehicle: 20 November 1960 evening 5 hrs 58 mins 20 seconds

Unexpired activities
External Activity-1

Beginning: November 19, 1969, at 11:30, 32 seconds, 35 seconds
Cornard: landing on the moon: 11 to 44 minutes 22 seconds
Back in moon: 15 o’clock 27 mins 17 seconds
Bean: landing on the moon: 12 o’clock 13 minutes 50 seconds
Back in moon: 15 to 14 minutes 18 seconds

End 19 November 15 o’clock 28 minutes and 38 seconds

Yan external activity time: 3 hours 56 minutes and 03 seconds

External Activity-2

Start: November 20, 1969 -03, 54 minutes, 45 seconds

Cornard: Landed on the Moon: 03 to 59 minutes 00 seconds
Back in the moon: 07 o’clock 42 mins 00 seconds

Bean: landing on the Moon: 04 AM to 06 minutes 00 seconds
Back in the moon: 07 to 30 minutes 00 seconds

End 19 November 15 o’clock 28 minutes and 38 seconds

Yan external activity time: 3 hours 49 minutes and 15 seconds

Carnad’s statement after stepping on the moon

It will be a small step for Whoopi and Neil, but it is big enough for me.

The main points of the campaign

Immediately after the launch of this vehicle from Earth, a lightning collided with Saturn 5 rocket. Chandrayaan’s tools were closed for a few moments and his contact with the affected control room was broken. After that the quality of the signal was poor when the contact was established and the information received from the vehicle was being considered incomplete and incorrect.

Instructions were sent from the Fertilizer Room that the power of the device sending the signal to the power should be stopped. After this process, the proper contact between the Yan and the Fraction Cell has been established, otherwise this campaign has to be stopped. After this the vehicle was examined and the SIVB of the third phase was blown and Yan headed towards the moon.

Apollo 12 campaign landed on the Moon at the Ocean of ​​Storms, where previously unmanned Luna 5, Surveyor 3 and Ranger 7 had landed. This site is now called Statio Cognitium.

This campaign was an investigation for the accuracy of the landing on the moon. Descent was automatic, in which Kornad made some minor changes. The Apollo 11 campaign had landed quite out of its fixed space, after switching off automatic descension, after Armstrong took control in his hands. But this campaign landed in the right place. 200 meters of this vehicle had a Surveyor 3 vehicle, which reached there in April 1967.

This time, a color camera was taken to improve the quality of the pictures of the TV. But accidentally, Bean directed the camera towards the sun so that it got spoiled and the live broadcast started and broke as well.

Kornad and Bean deposited some of the surveillers to bring them to Earth. Both spent two hours on the surface of the moon two times a day. Both of them collected deposits of the soil and leaves of the Moon. On the land of the moon, the solar wind, magnetism, the instrument for measuring the geo-locomotion and the results sent to the earth. By mistake, many of the pictures taken in the picture were left on the moon.

This time even another plate was left on the moon, which was written by astronauts’ signature and message. After this, Chandrayaan joined the movement of the moon orbiting the Moon. During this Spacecraft gave his rocket on the moon, which was released on 20 November 1969 on the moon’s surface. The earthquake measuring machine that was placed on the surface of the Moon felt the vibration of the shock on the surface of the Moon on the rocket’s face. These vibrations were felt for the next one hour. The passengers kept taking pictures in the moon’s room one day and staying.

Plate left on moon


Spacecraft returned to Earth on November 24, 1969, at 20 o’clock in 58 minutes in the Pacific Ocean.

This Space craft is kept in the Virginia Air And Space Center.

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